Austin Lacemakers

A chartered chapter of International Old Lacers since 1985.

The Guild's goal is to educate anyone who is interested about all facets of lace and lace making, and have fun while doing it.

Did you know that the IOLI, the national lace organization, began with ladies who wanted lace for their dolls, but could not find any small enough?  They had to learn to make their own.  In a continuation of that tradition, the Austin Lacemakers Guild is offering doll laces made by our members.  Proceeds will go towards books and classes for continuing lace education.

Available Doll Lace

Thanks to a talented member, we now have an online chat group! Come join the discussions on lacemaking at


Meeting information:

First Wednesday of each month
Pflugerville Public Library, Lantana Room
1008 Pfluger Street
Pflugerville Texas 78660
6PM to 7:30PM


Mailing address
Austin Lacemakers
c/o Fran Bloomer
522 West Oak Drive
Round Rock TX 78664

Membership Secretary, for demonstrations
Michelle Kee
1224 Lower Elgin Road
Elgin TX 78621

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Doll Fashions

Handmade lace can be worked in several ways: with a needle, with bobbins, with a shuttle, or with knitting needles. This is approximately the chronological order in which laces were developed.  The laces below happen to be all bobbin made, which is the only multiple thread lace.  Bobbin can be made with six pairs of bobbins on up to hundreds of pairs, depending on the complexity of the lace.

You will see items labeled handmade in hobby stores.  Yes, they may be handmade, in the Philippines, or China, where the workers are taught the minimum needed to crank out lace at pennies an hour.  And we'll tell you right now that they will never make anything with this fine a thread or that looks this good.  Warning:  Once you've seen good handmade lace, lace the way it's supposed to look, you'll never want that shoddy stuff again!

Square Doily

Let's start small, since we are talking about lace for dolls..... specifically for a dollhouse.  This is a tiny doily,  pillow decoration, or chair cushion cover, less than 1 inch square.  It took 10 pairs of bobbins and at least 2 hours of working time to complete.  It is a size 80 cotton thread.   It can grace your dollhouse for $25.00

Dainty Edging
Here's an dainty edging for doll clothes.  It is about 1/4 inch wide- yes, that's 1/4 of an inch!- 2 yards and 6 inches long, took 6 pairs of bobbins, cotton thread, and around 14 hours to work.  Need more than that?  It can be done.  This piece is $70.00.

Table runner

So, you need a table runner?  Maybe something fancy for the back of that Victorian couch?  Look no further.  This took 12 pairs of bobbins and 3+ hours, and is made of linen thread.  3 1/2 inches long and 1 5/8 inches wide.   Inexpensive elegance at $30.00


Your doll is going to the ball to prove she's a lady?  Maybe dance with the prince?  You can't get more elegant that a completely handmade lace shawl.

Shawl detail

Details, details.  Here's a close-up of the shawl center.  Notice all those little tiny dots where the threads meet?  Each one of them had a pin in it to help shape the lace.  That's a lot of pins, 57 pairs of bobbins, and a lighted magnifier, along with hours and hours and hours and hours.....

Shawl point

The bottom point of the shawl, showing the transitions from 'grounds' to 'fans'.  Now that you know you(r doll) can't live without a fine handmade shawl, you can provide it (for her) for $125.00.

V collar

Of course, your special doll also needs a lace collar to complete her ensemble. This one is a V point, representing about 6 hours of work with 9 pairs of bobbins.  The interior scalloped edge adds interest to this lace.  It can belong to you for $30.00.

Collar edging
  Here's an edging to match the above collar.   15 1/2 inches long,   3/8 inch wide,  and 5 hours of time.  Ruffle it on a skirt, jacket or even a bonnet.  Unbeatably priced at $25.00.


Round Doily

A slightly larger 2 3/4 inch round doily would look nice on a table.  This one used 12 pairs of bobbins with linen thread, and about 2 hours of work. Reasonably priced at $15.00

Large Collar

For a larger doll, this pretty lace collar is quietly classy.   It is 5 inches across and 1 1/2 inches wide,  and was worked with linen thread and 14 pairs of bobbins.  Make your doll's dress special with this collar for $60.00.

Bells edging

This sweet edging is 1/2 inch wide, for a larger doll- or her owner!  Strong and durable linen thread comprises 2 yards and 10 inches of length.  It looks very good when slightly gathered too.  Representing over 9 hours of working time, it can be yours for $50.00.

Now that you've decided which lace(s) you need to decorate your dolls and houses, here's how to get them:

Write or email the guild contact listed above (Fran) and tell her which ones you want.  Send a check made out to Austin Lacemakers, and your lace will be sent to you!  All proceeds go towards building the guild library and hosting classes for furthering lace education.

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