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Hand turned lace bobbins and lace related items

Midlands Bone Bobbins

Decorated Bobbins

Midlands bone painted and wired bobbins  

QFL  A spiral of flowers and wire.* $14.00
QPR1 Modified version of an antique.* $14.00
QM1 Multiple Lines & Dots.* $14.00
QPT1 Flowers.* $11.00
QPT2 Diagonals.* $11.00
QPT3 Three Lines.* $11.00
QPT4 Diagonals & Dots.* $11.00
QPT5 Diamond Dots.* $11.00

Remember to pick the colors of paint or wire that you would like to have on your bobbins.  See Bone Choices for info. Only when the description says "wire", do you need to pick a wire color.

Twist Bobbins

Midlands bone twists and spirals

QV1  Single Twist. $14.00
QV2 Barley Twist. $14.00
QTW3 Triple Twist.* $14.00
QV3 Triple spirals closely spaced.* $14.00
QTW4 Quad Twist. $14.00
QTW2 Double spiral twist.* $14.00
QV6 Deep & shallow wired twist. * $14.00

The difference between a spiral and a twist: a spiral is lightly cut into the material, and may or may not have rounded edges.  A twist is cut to a depth of about 1/3rd of the diameter into the material, and has more rounded edges.

Turned Bobbins

Midlands bone turned bobbins

QT1  Two Beads/Cove/Two beads.* $11.00
QT2 Bead/Diamond/B/D/B/D.* $11.00
QT3 Central Diamond.* $11.00
QT4 Diamond/Bead/D/Waist/D/B/D.* $11.00
QT5 Bead/Diamond/Vase/Diamond/Bead.* $11.00
QT6 Bead/Cove/Cove/Bead.* $11.00
QT7 Double Waisted. $11.00
QT8 Cove/Diamond/C/D/C/Bead. $11.00



Bucks Point or Travel Sized Bone Bobbins

Midlands and travel sized Midlands

Items marked with   *  are available in travel bobbins.  The design may be simplified to fit the smaller  3 1/2 inch length.  Just specify travel on the order blank.  All Bucks/Travel size are $7.00 each.  Add $1.00 if you want them dyed.

This photo shows the average lengths of the travel and the full sized Midlands bobbins.


Bone Choices

Wire: Gold, Green, Red, Silver (non tarnish)
Enamel paint colors:
Metallic: Burgundy, Emerald, Gold, Grape, Mint, Sapphire, Silver, Teal
Non-metallic: Black, Pacific Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow
Any of the bone styles can be dyed. This adds extra steps to the process and therefore adds $1.00 to the price. Matching dye coloration at a later date is next to impossible. If you'd like a pair matched, please get them at the same time. Irregularities in the bone may prevent a total match, but two bobbins done in the same dye bath are usually fairly close.
Dye colors: Black, Bronze Rose, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Teal.

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